geeky cross-stitch

geeky cross-stitch

I finished another project on the weekend, and it’s my first cross-stitch project in a LONG time. But when I saw this pattern, I just *had* to do it… it was just absolutely awesome. I posted about it on Facebook, as well, and a friend fell in love with it, but she doesn’t do cross-stitch. I mentioned that I did, and that I was happy to do commissions, but since I didn’t know how long it would take – but wanted one for myself – I would stitch one up, and see how long it took, and give her a price estimate based on that. If it was more than she was able to spend, I would then just keep the first one for myself. If she wanted it, I’d sell her the first one and stitch another one for myself.

Sadly, it’s looking like my price estimate was out of her budget (and I refuse to undervalue my work – I’d rather give it away to a friend as a gift than sell my work for a pittance), so once I get a chance to iron, mount and frame this, it will be going up on my wall! At the moment I’m thinking of hanging it in the den – I’ve had the idea of keeping the truly geeky stuff in the den, and hanging the slightly less geeky stuff in the living room, bedroom and so on. But that may change!


I’m not sure what’s up next yet. I’ve begun another geeky cross-stitch piece, but I’m not obsessing over that one quite as much as I did this one. I also have two knitting projects on the go – a headband in a lace stitch I made up myself, and a lace shawl that’s just barely started. I also have a couple of pieces of garb I want to get cut out and start working on, so that I can hand stitch them on my breaks at work, and hopefully have at least one of them finished by the event I’m attending at the end of the month.

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