Well, that’s been a long break! And that would be the ADHD showing it’s stinky head, right there. If it’s not right in front of me, screaming at me, it’s forgotten. Out of sight, out of mind, that’s me in a nutshell. Fortunately, I’m finally developing some methods for avoiding that problem, and they’re finally making their way to things like my blog.

So, I’m a virtual bachelorette once again. Grizzly Bear, my husband, is off to school again, to finish up the last year of his apprenticeship training. Unfortunately, when he gets home, he’s still going to have 1800 hours of work time to put in before he has enough to get his Red Seal, but at least at the end of his 10 weeks at school this time, he writes his Intra-Provincial exam and is all good to go on that end of things so that the minute he hits the 6000 hour mark (that’s the total for all 4 years), things are signed off on and he becomes a journeyman (and can apply for the final government grant that he’s eligible for once he’s journeyed).

Sadly, because of various reasons, when he got home from school last fall, he worked one day and was immediately laid off. The economy in our area has gone from amazingly good to amazingly depressing, mostly because of greedy assholes in other parts of the world and uninformed twits in our own country. So while he’s at school, he’s going to take a couple of short term courses that can be completed on the weekends, so he can get work in another field until the oil & gas market picks back up again. And that will happen eventually, no matter what the tree-huggers think. 🙂

Anyhow, that’s enough venting for now. I’m off to finish up some paying work, and then finish up the second half of my current sewing project. I hope to have pics up tomorrow, since the intent is to have this outfit finished tonight and wear it tomorrow.

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