Shawl’s done!

Shawl’s done!

I finished the Maple Leaf shawl today on my lunch break, and as I’d woven almost all of the ends in previously on my coffee break, I only had 3 or 4 more to weave in before I could block it. Here’s the shawl all laid out on my blocking boards…


If it dries overnight (and it should), I’m planning to wear it to work tomorrow and I will hopefully be able to get a coworker to take a picture of it on me so I can show you the finished product tomorrow.

Now I’m trying to figure out what to do for my next project. I have two skeins of this gorgeous yarn to work with…


This is Creeping Bellflower‘s Bell Fingering in the Fade to Black Cherry colourway, which I purchased at Faking Sanity in Dawson Creek. Actually come to think of it, I got the yarn for the Maple Leaf Shawl there too – it’s done in Araucania’s Ranco Solid yarn, though the colourway didn’t have a name – it’s a lovely rusty red with a slight bit of variation in the colour, and it was absolutely perfect for this project.

But I’m actually thinking of starting a non-knitting project first before I go on to another knitting project. I have a couple of pieces of linen in my living room that I could start working with – stuff for a purple viking coat and a pinky-peach underdress. I’m also thinking of forcing myself to knit up a project or two that I’m not so gung-ho about first, just because I have a lot of other yarn languishing in my den and not being loved. So I’ll have to have a look through my bins and see what I can dredge up. I can’t not have anything on the go!

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